If you are on the
lookout for something new,
Middletown is the place for you.

Join us to discover the unexpected and make surprising connections! Whether you are interested in custom art, rare American history, the roaring Great Miami River, or unique drinks and meals with friends in our DORA, we have you covered with the hidden treasures of our midwestern city. We promise your experience will leave you delighted, and wanting more.
Middletown: Your Midpoint . . . for new discoveries

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Upcoming events

We work hard, play even harder and are quick to raise our glass to friends, new and old. Join us at one of our many events, we’ll be the ones having fun!

For the Curious ...

A place full of rich heritage and authenticity provides for delightful discoveries. We are an evolving community, grounded by the past. Where hard work makes for unencumbered play and surprising connections. We are spunky, gritty, and full of midwestern heart. Welcome to Middletown!

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