Adventure through Art

Adventures through Art Walking Mural Tour

Love art and the outdoors? So do we!

🖼  The Adventures through Art Walking Mural Tour takes you through the heart of historic downtown Middletown and introduces you to a variety of surprises in our Midwestern city.

🖼  This one-of-a-kind self-guided, self-paced walking tour celebrates sixteen murals, which includes murals from international artists.

🖼  Follow along on your smart device, in google maps, as each mural stop provides you the history of each piece of public art. Use this link to access your interactive tour guide!

🖼  The suggested walking loop is a flat, paved, one mile journey that can be enjoyed by all ages and physical abilities.

🖼  Middletown celebrates a long history of art appreciation and public artistic expression, so join us for this FREE and unique outdoor experience.

🖼  1 mile loop, Free Parking at The Windamere, dog and kid friendly!

🖼  Follow along on your smart device for information on each mural!

🖼  Print out a physical copy of the mural tour to bring with you if you don't want to follow along on your smart device!

Adventure through Art List of Murals

Adventure thought Art Map

Watch the Adventures through Art video

🌈 A huge thank you to Trey Pitts, Jeremy Loukinas, Sue Wittman, and Ova Venters for their contributions to this effort!