Get your Adrenaline Rush with Middletown’s Outdoor Adventures

December 17, 2018

Middletown is a community full of exhilarating encounters that will delight any visitor searching for breathtaking surprises and unpredictable experiences.

Middletown offers the thrill seekers a chance to catch “airtime” with the clouds during a hot air balloon ride at the Ohio Challenge Hot Air Balloon Festival, feel the thrill of unencumbered wind against your face during a skydiving jump with Start Skydiving (the Number One Jump Zone in the World), take flight in a custom Aeronca airplane during the biannual Aeronca Fly-In, or experience a mighty “river rush” as you kayak down Ohio’s historic The Great Miami River.

Middletown’s Spoken Bicycles also offers visitors “bike cruises” along the river to experience The Great Miami Riverway and all the beautiful wildlife residing along its banks. What a better adventure than to hear the rush of the river, feel the sun on your face, and hear the migratory birds singing?

Like a little physical competition? Middletown is the Pickleball Capital of Ohio and proudly hosts the nationally competitive, annual Middletown Pickleball Tournament. Middletown is also home to the Great Miami Sprint Triathlon, the Spring Blast Soccer Tournament, the MidFest Fall Soccer Tournament, and The Lacrosse Steel City Shootout. Whether a spectator or participant, these tournaments will surely get your blood pumping.

For those entranced by the rev of an engine and the shine of a well-polished car, Middletown’s Annual Thunderfest brings in hundreds of classic vehicles, of all types, that compete for over 25 awards! Literally, experience the roaring thunder as the hourly “cackle fest” lets you feel the power of collective revved engines… not for the faint of heart, earplugs highly recommended.

While little can beat the thrill from a physical adrenaline rush … Middletown proudly offers two nontraditional opportunities to “get your party on”! The Annual Woman’s Wine and Chocolate Walk is a wildly popular event (it sells out every year) that treats participants to over 50 samples of wine and chocolate and is a veritable smorgasbord of delectable treats and sips of delicious vino. For the die hard beer drinkers and bystander adrenaline junkies, the annual Hops in the Hangar is an action packed event with over 30 craft beer vendors, flying stunt air show, and breathtaking skydiving show.

Time to slow down? Do you need a little Namaste to come down after your adrenaline rush? Middletown’s Haven Studio can get you centered and feeling rejuvenated so you can find your inner peace, and outer joy! 

Join us to discover the unexpected and make surprising connections, we promise your experience will leave you delighted, and wanting more. Middletown: Your Midpoint … for new discoveries.