An Insider's Perspective - Great Eats in Middletown

January 24, 2020

An Insider's Perspective - Great Eats in Middletown

Heather Mason, Middletown Visitors Bureau Board Member and Gourmet Afficiando

Tired of the same restaurants and coffee shops? Me too!

Luckily, Middletown offers some unique options that my kids and I really like.  My daughter, 23, has two coffee shops that are her go to. Every morning on her way to work she stops at Triple Moon Cafe. Her staple choice is a Milky Way hot latte with what she calls a “bomb” breakfast sandwich.

My 23-year-old is finishing her master’s degree online and my 20-year-old is attending Miami university Middletown. When they want a quiet place to study and stay caffeinated they head to Java Johnny’s. There, they order plain lattes and the staff tops the mugs off with cute latte art designs made with foamed milk. Their meals wouldn’t be complete without garden bagels with Johnny’s special sauce.

My son, 13, is a fan of Veracruz, a local Mexican restaurant. Who doesn’t love chips and salsa? And me? My favorite tradition is taking my kids to the Jug in the summer for burgers and ice-cold root beer. But I can’t talk about Middletown’s best restaurants without mentioning Gracie’s, Swire Inn and Bourbon Kitchen. I know what I’m going to order before I ever sit down, the Swire Inn burger with the Swire special sauce. (I still haven’t gotten them to share the secret.) The Bourbon Kitchen has two more favorites of mine. For lunch, I go for chicken and waffles. At dinner time, I enjoy the Grippo burger. Gracie’s is an upscale feel with a hometown crowd, the chef specials are always my pick. A visit to Swire Inn isn’t just about the amazing food. The inn is located in a historic home and has beautiful high ceilings and original fireplaces. After eating, I like to walk through the rooms and soak in the charming atmosphere.  

These are just a few of my family’s top choices. Of course, there are many more in our town but, gotta go ... It’s time for lunch. Happy eating!