Live Music in Middletown All Summer Long

June 17, 2019

The sweet sounds of summer in Middletown always include live music! Living life is more than eating and drinking your way through a new experience, why not dance your way through it! In Middletown, a place full of curiosity, you might just discover an opportunity to boogie through the decades with concerts from all generations happening right in Middletown! The Sorg Opera House offers a jam packed schedule, in an awe inspiring venue, The Broad Street Bash lets you literally dance in the streets, and Miami University Regional Concerts brings in A-listers in an intimate setting … and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the patio performances at some of our favs like The Swire Inn and Gracie's. 

Join us sometime, mid-song, mid-dance, mid-laughter, OH, It’s Middletown!


  • Sorg Opera House: For over a century, the Sorg Opera House attracted some of the country's finest dramatic and musical acts. Listen to Jazz, Blue Grass, and other genres of music performed by famous musicians in an Opera House setting.  Check out a list of their shows here
  • Broad Street Bash: Find live entertainment and great food & beer at our downtown music festival. Bring your lawn chair and feel free to dance! The Broad Street Bash takes place every other Wednesday during the summer. Get the scoop here
  • Miami University Regional Concerts: The Miami University Regionals Artist Series presents eight outstanding shows for the 2018-19 season, with four shows each at auditoriums on the Hamilton and Middletown campuses. Come listen to some great tunes
  • Music on the Patios of Middletown: Our local businesses frequently host live music on the weekends.  Come grab some delicious food and listen to some music on the patios of Middletown at The Swire Inn and Gracie's.