Luster Works Art Studio Creates Stunning Art with Color & Resin

March 9, 2020

Luster Works Art Studio opened at the Pendleton Art Center in February of 2019. Jenn Rathweg, owner and artist, uses epoxy resin and a variety of pigments to create functional art, home decor, and tables. Over the years, she has dabbled in a mix of mediums, from spray paint to cement. While using art as an outlet to express herself, Jenn also uses it as a way to support good mental health. Jenn comes from a family that is rich with talented artists and credits them for her artistic passion. One of those being her great-grandfather, Aloys Segerer. Aloys immigrated to the US in 1899, where he settled in Dayton to work as an artist, painting the interior of the Barney and Smith Work Co. railroad cars. His most famous works can be found in Dayton’s Memorial Hall, the Masonic Temple, the Holy Trinity Church, and in Carillon Historical Park. You can meet Jenn and check out more of her work in her studio (#103) located in the Pendleton Art Center. Jenn will be the featured artist of the month for the entire month of March in 2020. You can see more of Jenn's work on her Instagram page here or webpage here!