Middletown's Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop Heralded by MSN as One of America's Best Old School Candy Shops

February 20, 2019

You’d be hard pressed to not find something unique, fun, and tasty in Middletown’s Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop. Recently heralded by MSN as One of America’s Best Old School Candy Shops, Grandpa Joe’s Candy shop, located in Downtown Middletown, offers its customers over 300 flavors of soda. And that is just the beginning of what there is to discover in this locally owned and operated retail store. They stock candy from all over the world, and also have 16 flavors of uniquely flavored ice creams, such as the spicy chocolate chili flavor, sure to heat up and cool down any discerning palate. Check out the MSN article here!



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