Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area “Drink and Stroll”

In Middletown, we work hard, play even harder and are quick to raise our glass to friends, new and old. Join us sometime! We’ll be here—mid-step, mid-drink, mid-stroll -- between cherishing our favorite memories and making new ones.

Hours of Operation:  7 days a week, 12 Noon to Midnight

How It Works: You can purchase a beverage from a liquor permit establishment within the DORA boundaries and walk around with your drink. Please request that your beverage be placed within one of the designated plastic cups with the logo of the business on them if you wish to leave the establishment. No cans, no glass bottles, and no outside drinks are permitted within the DORA.


  1. Buy and wear your dated, DORA wristband from Noon-Midnight.
  2. Purchase your drink at a DORA designated establishment.
  3. Drink and Stroll inside the DORA boundaries, look for signs!
  4. Please finish your drink before entering another DORA designated establishment!

Where to Buy:
Current establishments authorized to sell are:

  1. @theSquare
  2. Forest Hills Country Club
  3. Sorg Opera House
  4. The Slice 
  5. Gracie's
  6. Rolling Mill Brewing Company 
  7. Spoken Bicycles 
  8. The Windamere
  9. West Central Wine 
  10. The Swire Inn 
  11. White Dog Distilling Company
  12. The Middletown Lyric Theater
  13. NEW Ales Brewing
  14. American Legion
  15. Buzzz @ Gracie's

Remember, all State of Ohio and City of Middletown laws regarding public intoxication, impaired driving, and open containers apply to areas both inside and outside of the DORA boundaries.

Please drink responsibly.