The Fall for Middletown Tour

Experience the authentic vibes of Historic Downtown Middletown with this Two-day Tour Package!

Starting in October, Central Avenue and Main Street are your crossroads for great dining, history, outdoor adventure, and more! This two-day excursion includes overnight accommodations, dinner, bike rentals, tastings, classes, breakfast, and the opportunity to discover more in the historic streets and riverways of our revitalizing district.

The Fall for Middletown Tour includes 

Indigo Pass | Saturday night stay at this unique, urban Boutique Hotel 

Spoken Bikes | Two-hour Bike Rental from this Bike Shop + Bar 

Gracie's Restaurant | Dinner at this Big City Comfort Food Eatery  

Haven | Yoga Classes at this Oasis for Peace + Joy  

Haute Fusion Glass | Meet the Artist: Demo with John Ferrando 

White Dog Distilling Co. | Tasting of the Latest Release at this Craft Distillery 

Triple Moon Coffee | Breakfast + Coffee at this Local Favorite


  • 1:00 Check in to Indigo Pass
  • 3:00 Meet the Artist - Demo with John Ferrando at Haute Fusion

Late Afternoon:

  • Take a Bike Ride/Walking Tour  (Use your Spoken Rental!) Check out Grandpa Joe's Candy Store, artists at the PAC, view gallery exhibits at the MAC, visit the Shartle House for Middletown History, and learn about Port Middletown where the city’s commerce and livelihood began. 
  • 5:00 Tasting Tour at White Dog Distillery
  • 6:30 Dinner at Gracie's
  • Visit other bars and restaurants for late night drinks, music, and entertainment!


  • Visit Triple Moon to Enjoy Coffee and Breakfast
  • Take a 10:00am or 11:00am Yoga Class in Haven
  • Late Morning
  • Bike Ride (Use Your Spoken Rental!)/Walking Tour. Head down to South Main Street to see the gorgeous historic homes of the Founding Families of Middletown. Head to the River Center to get the best view of the Great Miami River and hit the trail to see Middletown from a River view! Watch airplanes and skydivers at the airport (or make the leap and skydive with the best! Start Skydiving), or enjoy the 11 mile ride to Franklin and back!

These two days will be filled with the authenticity of what makes small towns great and fill you with the excitement of what a community can become with lots of passion and creativity.

Enjoy our downtown and all it has to offer!